The 7 Things You Need to Do to be Successful on LinkedIn!


As a LinkedIn Expert speaking at many events, I am always asked, what are the most important things to do in LinkedIn to be found.

While much work is needed in branding and presentation of your information, here are the 7 most important things to do:

1) Create a Solid Profile as Your Personal and/or Company Brand

  • Make sure to invest time and get all of your experience history detailed in your profile.
  • Include any associations or volunteer work.
  • Get real recommendations for all of the roles if possible.
  • Include YouTube videos and PDF files to showcase your talents and business experience.

2) Include a Professional Picture of You, not a Company Logo

  • Please no company logo’s, it is against LinkedIn’s rules and regulations and it looks terrible.
  • Professional headshots of you and you alone.
  • Do not use a group picture and crop out your face.
  • No family shots or you at the beach on vacation, this is a business networking site…not your Facebook or Twitter account.
  • And another great suggestion…no drivers license photos!

3) Minimum of 500 1st Level Connections

  • 500 1st level connections should be your minimum.
  • This number shows networking commitment and ability to connect.
  • Depending on on your role, continue to connect with as many real people as you can.
  • Remember the more you connect with, the better LinkedIn’s search engine works at finding the correct contacts for you.

4) Minimum of 15 REAL Recommendations…not endorsements

  • Getting 15 recommendations could feel like a daunting task,but it is really easy.
  • Offer a recommendation for those individuals you respect and they should return the favor.
  • Recommendations should be for people that you respect…not the world.
  • Use the endorsements/skills section for people you don’t know well.
  • Continue to request more recommendations all the time, because if someone has given you a recommendation and they close their LinkedIn account, that recommendation is lost.
  • Download a backup copy of your profile to retain those recommendations.

5) Join at least 7 Groups and contribute to discussions

  • Groups are the hidden gem in LinkedIn.
  • They increase your network quickly and you can learn and post great comments.
  • You are limited to fifty (50) groups, but sub-groups do not count towards this limit.

6) Post or Respond to a minimum of 3 discussions per week.

  • You are an expert on something.
  • Posting in group discussions or publishing an article like this allows you to showcase your talents and knowledge.
  • Activity is recognized by LinkedIn and they will treat you more favorably.
  • The responses to discussions should be related to the previous content, not just a simple “I Agree” comment. Group managers will not like this type of activity.

7) Giving is First…Pay it Forward and Help Others!

  • You get the idea, don’t ask for help until you have supported or helped the other person.

Hopefully this will assist you in becoming a better networker on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Dedicated to your success!

Jim Browning

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